Episode 7

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6th Jul 2020

07-All Israel Shall be Saved

Paul explains choseness and election. Augustine, Calfin, and Luther got it all wrong becuase they were not indwelled by the Hoy Spirit. Romans 9-11 explains the Short Work of God in the final 3 1/2 year period in His promises to the remnant of Israel. They will come into the Acts 2:38 Church in a latter rain outpouring that will generate the hatred of all peoples who do not believve that Jesus is the Father.


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The Escape Plan of Olivet
The Critical Prophecy of True Christianity
The Olivet Discourse reveals in detail "HOW" Christians and the Final Events of Israel can be recognized and endured. During this final period of time, every OT and NT prophecy is squeezed together into the Matthew 24, Luke 21, and Mark 13 passages. Christians with this knowledge will know how to possess the wisdom of the "Word of Patience", do mighty Great Tribulation exploits, and participate in the greatest dual event of human history. The external physical Kingdom of Jesus Christ is coming for those who are prepared and who possess the internal Kingdom of God (Romans 14:17). This series of broadcasts is organized in season (frameworks) and episode (teachings within frameworks). Email with your questions at princeofpeacecorps@gmail.com
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